Month one – adjusting

This may sound awful but month one was so much better than labor and delivery!! Just to have him here is a huge relief. Although there are moments where it catches me by surprise. Breastfeeding started rough but has worked out into a nice routine. I think learning how to lay down and feed him at night has helped. I can get a little rest by laying prone and he still gets to nurse and enjoy extended “wolverine time”. Mile High started cluster feeding pretty early on and it seems we are now hitting a growth spurt where the cluster feedings manage to cluster more. Who knew that nursing would be more like raising a baby wolverine on the breast?! He also has a favorite breast… it’s somewhat depressing as it is now larger than the other one by quite a bit. I’ve dubbed it “Monster Breast” and know it will never go back to “normal” but isn’t that what having a little one is all about. Redefining normal and not looking back?

I finally have stopped bleeding and now only need to change diapers. It was harder than I thought having to change us both regularly. I do have to say that everything is easier with sleep!


Birthing advice… not asked for but given

We’ve hit day 25 and we are still surviving. I’ve had friends and family all comment on “see how hard it is…” and while it’s not easy it’s happening. One way or another. Certainly everything is better with sleep. Folks like to say “enjoy this time – it goes so fast.” AND on my end nothing feels like it’s moving fast with no sleep. Not a damn thing. But here we are on day 25 so we are moving along.

Having now gone through Infertility, Pregnancy, Labor and the first 3 weeks of a new born- the advice keeps on coming and friends who mean well keep piling it on. (I think people should NOT give sleep deprived new moms any advice at all… just smile and hold the baby – preferably without the gibbering not-really-words-baby talk).

What I’d say to anyone expecting is listen to everyone’s advice – don’t argue and just do what YOU want!!!!

The only thing you need with you at the hospital (and those first few days home – other than the pain meds of course) is stool softener – and my only piece of advice is whatever you do – DO NOT sneeze during any of the bowel movements after giving birth… trust me on this one – regardless of HOW you gave birth. There is no need to find out what I am talking about the hard way. Some things you’d rather never know how painful they can be…(this was not listed in the manual)

Still waiting on the world to change…

We are still in John Mayer land waiting on the world to change… A little tired. A little swollen and I need to pack my bag for the hospital. Out of everything you’d think I’d have this ready and waiting but no. The car seat is in and the huzz and mile high have bags both packed and loaded. They give you these nice little lists as if you are going off to camp with recommended items to bring. I even tracked down a pair of Baffin slippers – they are like sleeping bags for your feet from Canada! I love them and may just wear them in when its time.

But really what do I need to bring? I keep thinking about distracting media and what would make sense for short attention span theater. I was wondering about loading both season of Dave Chappelle on the iPad – will there be time for distracting humor?! Better to be prepared than unprepared. So the bag gets laid out tonight and packed tomorrow. The boy will arrive when he’s ready. I am just practicing patience. This journey has been so crazy long and hard what does it matter if there are a few more days!!


36 weeks – it’s all downhill

I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since the last post! Everything is moving along with this pregnancy. It’s still not a bucket of fun but we are down to the last few days of just being a couple… the boy is head down and still enjoying yoga twice a week with me 🙂

If he was part of the WWE his signature move would be “donkey kick to the ribs”. The rough estimate of his weight today is 8.67 lbs, which seems LARGE to me but until we get him on the scale we won’t really know. So now we’re waiting for labor to start. I am equal parts thrilled and terrified.

I can think back to the start of this when we were counting days to the start of the “firsts” and now I feel like we’re counting days down to the arrival. CRAZY but so blessed.